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Jan 14, 2019

These 2 crucial and simple steps are extremely extremely crucial in designing your nutrition and diet plan..whatever that plan may be. Simply implement these tools and you'll drastically improve your likelihood of staying on target with your program.. 

In fact you can use these 2 tools in your nutrition, training...

Jan 4, 2019




In this Transformation Talk Video Quick Hit, Pureline Founder.. Aaron Garza goes into why people BURN OUT IN JANUARY and why it’s so important to create a strategy that involves incremental changes every few weeks. It’s not uncommon to go “ALL IN” every January...

Jan 3, 2019

A quick couple of ideas on how you can accelerate fat loss in 2019 and use Expeditious Training and Optimized Activity to burn more calories and lose more body fat quickly. Tune in and find out how to:
-Burn Fat Throughout The Day
-Minimize Distractions in the Gym
-Increase Speed and Efficiency of Workout Sessions